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I'm gonna stay 18 forever
so we can stay like this forever
so just went down. ii saw red: k so remember that time when i said… 
19th-Jun-2007 10:26 pm
so just went down.
ii saw red: k so remember that time when i said i liked you
JefF09695: yea
ii saw red: well basically i still do and i feel like a big idiot because i know you said you didnt like me but i dont know, i guess it just feels like theres something there
ii saw red: and i wrote out this whole long thing to say to you
ii saw red: but now it doesnt seem like its gonna explain it right
ii saw red: but ok
ii saw red: remember the other week
ii saw red: when i was just sitting there & i wasnt talking or anything
JefF09695: ummm
JefF09695: lol no
ii saw red: k well anyways
ii saw red: yeah it was just a really bad day
ii saw red: but then, as soon as i started talking to you, things were better again and i know that sounds absolutely rediculous
ii saw red: i dont know where this is going really, but i guess i just felt like...you said you didnt like me...but then it kinda seemed like you did...
JefF09695: look i like you
JefF09695: but as a friend
JefF09695: liek
JefF09695: im really like flirtatious n stuff like without trying to be
JefF09695: n that sounded wrong
JefF09695: but thats just how i act
ii saw red: alright
JefF09695: i mean i dont mean to lead you on
JefF09695: i guess thats just how i am
JefF09695: n i dont want to stop talking to you
ii saw red: :-\
JefF09695: its just idn how to act any other way
ii saw red: yeah i get it
JefF09695: ok
JefF09695: well anytime you want on for bp just holler
JefF09695: but i really gotta go
ii saw red: cant dont have your number haha
JefF09695: lol
ii saw red: alright peace
JefF09695: i have yours dont worry
ii saw red: ps keep this on the downlow por favor
JefF09695: adios
ii saw red: byyye

and now, i don't know what to do.
i'm honestly laughing about the fact that after i poured my heart out & he shot me down, he actually had the nerve to bring up us playing beer pong in the near future. FUCK. THAT. SHIT.
21st-Jun-2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
stupid boy.
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