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I'm gonna stay 18 forever

so we can stay like this forever

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I know life & I know love but this is neither of them. & you know right from
wrong, well you've done wrong but I will love again, whether or not it's
you. if it's easier to cry then let go because you will see through tear soaked
eyes that I am here for you. I'll be reading your notes in vain, they are
novocain. but lately I feel the same so the picture frames are coming down
for now. I am weak, but I am proud &if you are ever lonely again just call
my name. I know you hate the way i work so long. I know you hate the way
I wrote this song I stayed up till the break of dawn but love is not a
compromise it's something like the rising of the sun, although you've seen it
a thousand times, you can't explain it. call my name & I will sing for you a
song so good you'll doubt I wrote it & I will dance for you, I won't step on your
toes &I will laugh for you you’ll have no choice you’ll have to say “I need you”

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17 yrs. old.
I enjoy lindsay loah & conan obrian.
summer is my favorite time of year.
I smoke too much & i drink alot of liquor.
I'm short as fuck.
I love art, music, starbucks and traveling.
more than anything else in the world, I love to laugh.

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my best friend emma. we go back to 1st grd.